Ballistic Machinist 357 Defender

Our best slug for home defense
These slugs were designed mostly for CQB and home defense. The main body of the slug is aluminum with a 357 magnum bullet in the nose. The slots in the front of the slug will cause the slug to expand violently with the impact of soft tissue. Triggering the Petals to break up into ten parts if it hit one sheet of drywall.

At speeds up to 1700 FPS that makes this a very powerful and very effective home defense round. Due to the relatively lightweight of the slug, it has a very low recoil that can help with quicker follow-up shots if needed.

These slugs have only been tested in smoothbore shotguns at this point.

Ballistic Machinist Brass Pellet

Great for hunting, protection, or barrier penetration
These slugs are extremely accurate sub 2″ group at 100 yards.

They are also some of the deepest penetrating slugs you can buy.

Tested Examples:

The Brass Pellet Slug has gone through 32″ of ballistics gel and then over 1″ into a book

Penetrating through 12, 3/4″ pine boards.

These can be used in smoothbore or rifled barrel shotguns

Ballistic Machinist Dumbbell Slug

To put it simply these slugs deliver CHAOS
These slugs are made from solid steel. Not to worry the O-rings keep the slug centered in the barrel. The steel slug does not contact your barrel. These slugs are safe to shoot from a smoothbore or rifled barrel shotgun. With the large mostly flat surface, when this slug hits it starts to tumble like a huge 5.56 bullet. With its 2600 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, it’s like turning your shotgun into a cannon that will destroy whatever is in its path.


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